Who we are ⋆ ePrzybornik

This is how we share work, business and success!

We are the team of dynamic people on a constant life journey. We are looking for challenges and adventures, but at the same time we keep our feet on the ground. Sometimes we swing in the clouds ... and that's when the best ideas are born. One of them is the ePrzybornik. This is our youngest child, born of the need to facilitate everyday matters, of which each of us has thousands. Facilitating, improving, training, improving, that's what we like the most. We feel good at it!

Team of Ratiomation sp. z o.o.

A company founded by management practitioners

Initially, we focused on project and IT team management. We built new competences and expanded the area of business activities. Within a few years, our team has grown by more than 30 specialists from various countries and industries, thanks to which we have many years of professional experience and an extremely effective model of operation.

We have proven solutions

We are familiar with the challenges of both the private sector and state-owned companies. We are located in regulated areas, such as FinTech, and we also cooperate with international corporations. This combination of experience allows us to have a broad perspective and use well-known solutions. We do our best.

We focus on development

Every day, we help our clients achieve success in implementing their business: we search, observe, develop, advise and implement solutions that improve the operation of their companies and allow them to develop. We take on the role of an advisor, act on behalf of the client, and sometimes we are the supplier. All this to make the business work better.

We can find ourselves in every area

We operate in technical areas such as IT, cybersecurity, electronics and industrial automation. We have also extensive experience in areas such as consulting and management, project management, process optimization, as well as in the training and HR segment. We have experience in the following industries: automotive, production, transport, logistics and FMCG.